Our officers and state representatives are listed below.

If you would like to contact a person on this list please note this in the message using the contact form on this page.

Helen Richwine, President, OH
Edie Walsh, Vice President, KS
Gary Brockman, Secretary, WI
Lisa Schulz, Treasurer, WI
Russa Milburn, Show Chair, IL

State Representatives.
Sharon Lunseth, IN

Kit Cambell , OH
Ann Olson, IA
Martha Towne, CO
Debbie Carpenter, KS
Nancy Cummins, MO
Jamie Young, IL
Gary Brockman, WI

Steering Committee Members:
Karen Leibold, IA

Lewis Lombardi, CO

State Contacts
Becky Lyon, MN

Jerry DeHay, TX

Assistant Show Chair
Paul Thomas, IN

If you have any questions regarding our show you may also submit them using this contact form.