Feel free to contact an officer or representative from your state.

Barbara Weeks, President, MO, weeksb@charter.net
Helen Richwine, Vice President, OH, hlrichwine@neo.rr.com
Gary Brockman, Secretary, WI, tinajas@mhtc.net
Lisa Schulz, Treasurer, WI, buttonldy@aol.com
Russa Milburn, IL, MidwestRegionalButtonAssoc@Mediacombb.net

State Representatives.
Cynthia Bookwalter, IN, tjbook@hughes.net 
Jerry DeHay, TX, jmdehay@aol.com
Sally Gibson, OH, sallie2001@woh.rr.com 
Karen Leibold, IA, kcleibold@aol.com
Lewis Lombardi, CO, bslstamp@yahoo.com
Becky Lyon, MN, rebeccal@aol.com
Edie Walsh, KS, ewalsh7445@aol.com
Lou Yeargain, MO, lryeargain@att.net

Steering Committee Members:
Ann Olson, IA, 
Karen Perry, TX, kpbuttons@yahoo.com

If you have any questions regarding our show you may also submit them using this contact form.