Do you know what the letters NERBA and WRBA stand for?
If you’ve been involved with the National Button Society, you know these abbreviations stand for the Northeast Regional Button Association and the Western Regional Button Association.

But do you know what MRBA stands for?
We are excited to announce that a committee of collectors from several Midwestern States has formed a new Midwest Regional Button Association. The very first MRBA show, in planning since 2015, will happen in Bloomington, IL, October 11-13, 2018. The button showroom will include dealers from across the U.S.

What is MRBA’s purpose?
As NERBA and WRBA do, MRBA’s purpose is to support our hobby within its multi-state region. The MRBA show is not intended to replace or conflict with any state shows.

Will the MRBA show happen every year?
To be determined

Why Bloomington/Normal, Illinois?
“All roads lead to Bloomington/Normal!” A quick glance at a highway map reveals that Bloomington, located at the hub of several interstate highways, is easy for other states’ members to reach. A fine regional airport is also located very close to the hotel. Finally, the best hotel deals were obtained in Bloomington.